Oliba Green Beer

Oliba Green Beer · 33 cl

Oliba Green Beer

Exclusive high quality beer, unique in the world, as it is a recipe with a magical touch of various notes that define Mediterranean culture:
On the other hand, it is a high quality craft beer, the perfect excuse to bring out our most Mediterranean character: sharing and celebrating life.
And on the other, it has a special touch... more Mediterranean still: the olive flavour.

  • Craft beer
  • Hight quality
  • Olive taste
  • Gluten free
  • 5% Alc. by Vol.
  • Bitterness: 5,7 IBUS
  • Available: 33 cl. and 75 cl.
  • Oliba Green Beer
    Oliba Green Beer
    Oliba Green Beer Packaging
    Oliba Green Beer Packaging
    Oliba Green Beer 33 cl

    From native olive trees recovered in a remote place in the Catalan Pyrenees. Where time stands still. Where things take their time. Where nature breathes green and pure...
    This is where Oliba is born, the only green beer with Mediterranean flavour. No one is indifferent...

    As a basis for the beer, a style called Bohemian Pilsner, originally from the Czech Republic, has been produced. High quality malt pills and Czech hops such as saaz have been used to offer a product of 4.6% alcohol, refreshing and smooth, that we managed to enhance the notes of olive oil that would will detail below in the tasting note.

    Visual aspect 
    The first thing that surprises is an olive green color, reminiscent of freshly ground extra virgin olive oil, creamy, white and persistent foam, bright and transparent beer.

    In the first olfactory layer we detect traces of “arbequina olive” and subtle notes of olive leaf, the hops provide floral and spicy touches combining perfectly with each other. Although we are talking about very subtle aromas, they can remind us of a landscape, specifically, at the time of harvesting the olives first thing in the morning.

    In the mouth it is very pleasant, soft and refreshing, the malt pills and the spicy notes of the hops saaz are appreciated, but what is most surprising are the traces reminiscent of high quality extra virgin olive oil, leaving a delicate greasiness with a clean and dry after taste, that invites you to try more.

    General impression
    Fresh, complex, well-rounded and refreshing, medium gasification, unique due to the sensation in the mouth and its pleasant unctuousness for everyone.

  • The craft beer Oliba Green Beer is made with products typical of craft beer brewing:
    Water, Barley and Wheat Malts, Barley Flakes, Hops, Yeast and Olive. This craft beer is brewed with top quality ingredients and without sugars or preservatives and is not filtered or pasteurized and its gasification is the natural one of the first fermentation.

    Barley and wheat malts

    The barley and wheat malts we use are of the highest quality, from Germany, always from non-GM crops.


    Hops from the Czech Republic, in addition to being natural antibacterials, provide it with a characteristic bitterness.


    The lager type yeast naturally transforms the sugars in the must into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2).


    Spanish from lleida olives give OLIBA its characteristic flavor and aroma.


    The base water comes from the Noguera Ribagorçana, which is born in the Pyrenees,  the region where our olives grow.

  • Pack bottle 33 cl

    Pack bottle 33 cl
    5 u. + tasting glass

    Pack bottle 33 cl

    Pack bottle 33 cl
    6 u. 

    Box bottle 33 cl

    Box bottle 33 cl
    12 u. 

    Box bottle 75 cl

    Box bottle 75 cl
    6 u.

    30 l barrel

    30 l barrel
    Non returnable packaging