ERM · Olivera de Llimiana

ERM · Olivera de Llimiana

ERM · Olivera de Llimiana

The ERM oil Olivera de Llimiana is a complex, aromatic oil that is low in oleic acid.

The ERM oils are presented in slim bottles with a dispenser, to emphasize the fact that they are tall oils, in 250 and 500 ml liter formats.
Each bottle wants to be a piece of the territory where it comes from, that is why special care has been taken so that the labeling, the image and, above all, the content, transport us to the Barcedana Valley.

  • ERM · Massanell
    ERM · Massanell
    ERM · Massanell Barcedana Valley
    ERM · Olive Oil
    ERM · Barcedana Valley
    ERM · Olive oil

    ERM oils are oils of extraordinary quality, with surprising flavors, with very high scores on the tasting panel and that constitute an elixir of health.

    The olive trees grow in the Barcedana Valley, traditionally an area that produces olive trees and high quality virgin oil where the green olive is harvested to produce green oil, a distinctive characteristic of ERM oil.

    This oil has better organoleptic quality because the polyphenol content, in green, is much higher; This makes the taste nuances more intense and the bitterness attributes more powerful. It is an ideal oil to consume raw and enjoy it with tomato bread, salads, carpaces ... and as a culmination of any dish.

    In addition, their high content of polyphenols makes ERM oils a formidable antioxidant and a true ally in the prevention of diseases such as cancer.

    The ERM centenary olive trees are in the midst of a geological whim, the result of the forces of nature, which linked two mountain ranges encasing a beautiful valley: La Vall de Barcedana, in Pallars Jussà.

    This fertile land, with a characteristic climate, has allowed the adaptation, for centuries, of varieties of native olive trees: Massanell, Olivera de Llimiana, Negral, Grossal, Bagó de Raïm... at the same time that the precious Arbequina variety is developed, but with certain peculiarities.



  • ERM Box 12 units

    Box 12 units
    Bottle 0.25 litres

    ERM Box 6 units

    Box 6 units
    Bottle 0.5 litres

    Wooden Box 2 units

    Wooden Box
    Bottle 0.25 litres (2 units)

    Cardboard box 3 units

    Cardboard box
    Bottle 0.5 litres (3 units)