IGO canned red wine

IGO canned wine · Organic Red, 100 % Garnacha & 100 % Organic

IGO canned red wine
The Igo range is a trilogy of canned organic wines: rosé, red and white.
The IGO canned wine, organic red, is 100% organic and 100% Garnacha, made from vines planted in the small town of Artazu, Navarra. A region with more than a hundred years of history and winemaking tradition.


  • Full of vibrant red fruit flavors along with smooth tannins.
  • Made from young vineyards planted in the small town of Artazu, Navarra, Igo red is perfectly balanced, full of vibrant red fruit flavours, 100% Garnacha and 100% organic. Hand-harvested from young, vibrant vineyards in Artazu, bursting with delicious red berry flavors.
  • The best wine accompaniment for a picnic.
  • Compact, elegant and easy to open.
  • 14 Alc.
  • 250 ml
  • 100% recyclable


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