AS-HO canned bubble wine

AS-HO canned wine · Organic Bubble, 100 % Garnacha & 100 % Organic

AS-HO canned bubble wine · Sparkling
Ah-So is a 100% organically grown wine, produced on the farm and harvested by hand without the use of herbicides or pesticides, to preserve the utmost respect for the environment.
To ensure the quality of the wine, the López de Lacalle family bought a canning machine from Boulder CO and sent it to Navarra to bottle the wines on the same farm.
The canning of the wines is carried out in the same wineries and is essential to preserve the freshness and authenticity of all its essence.


  • Ah-So sparkling is produced from the Garnacha variety, grown on the López de Lacalle family estate.
  • Produced on the same nutrient-poor farms that produce Ah-So White.
  • The vines enjoy a long maturation that allows the family to make a complex, fresh and clean sparkling wine with notes of honeysuckle.
  • The vineyards are located in the town of Artazu between 450 and 500 meters above sea level, on clay-limestone soils.
  • 12.5 Alc.
  • 250 ml


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