Lorusso · Bitter Orange marmalade

 Lorusso · Bitter Orange marmalade

Lorusso · Bitter Orange marmalade

Lorusso Lady Bitter Orange
Awarded with a Gold Medal in 2017 and 2018 at the most important British Citrus Jam Festival and Contest in the World “The World´s Original Marmalade Awards”.

Lush and fragrant citrus jam made from the fleshy fruit of the bitter orange tree. Also known as sour orange, Andalusian orange or Seville orange.
The Seville orange tree (or bigarade) from the Mediterranean Region is highly appreciated throughout the world. With a high pectin content and with its more or less hardened coating, as well as its juicy pulp, we present our variety of bitter orange. It also contains a lot of vitamin C and its juice is a dietary supplement that helps control obesity by being an appetite suppressant.
You will appreciate its vibrant and intense flavor when combined with both sweet and savory dishes: canapés, cheeses, coated biscuits filled with bitter orange, with chocolate, with homemade bread and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
Color and presentation: scented and flavoring, with a very bright orange hue and color, it is presented with strips, made with all its peel and its pulp made up of segments filled with juice.
Available in 175 g and 305 g formats.


  • Bitter oranges from Seville.
  • It contains 55 g of fresh fruit for every 100 g, which allows us to take advantage of the natural sugar in the fruit, adding as a supplement the right content of superior quality organic cane sugar.
  • Lorusso · Bitter Orange marmalade
    Lorusso Lady Bitter Orange
    Lorusso · Bitter Orange marmalade

    From the sunny fields of Andalusia LoRUSSo offers juicy and fragrant fruit, transformed into delicious jams that can be consumed in the traditional ways (breakfasts, desserts, snacks, etc.), as well as in many more creative ways.

    We select the best fruits and handle them with love and care, obtaining 80% fruit delicatessen jams, of exquisite quality, high nutritional value and with extraordinary flavor and aromas.

    You can name them whatever you like: artisan jams, delicatessen jams, gourmet jams, gourmet jams, delicatessen jams… All of them are LoRUSSo, handcrafted in an artisanal way, free of colorings and preservatives.