Lorusso · Mandarin jam

 Lorusso · Mandarin jam

Lorusso · Mandarin jam

Lorusso Mandarino Imperial
Awarded with the Silver Medal for 2017 and 2018 at the most important British Citrus Jam Festival and Contest in the World "The World's Original Marmalade Awards".

Similar to the orange but somewhat smaller, the mandarin is a citrus with which make this fragrant jam, tasty, intense and somewhat finer than the rest of citrus.
It has a characteristic sweet flavor that is highly appreciated, fresh, as well as nutritious, rich on the one hand in vitamins and on the other, in mineral salts.
Handcrafted with all its pulp and skin, it is ideal to taste it natural or combine it in a multitude of recipes.
Color and presentation: bright light orange color, intense smell and delicate and fine texture.
Available in 175 g and 305 g formats.


  • Fresh mandarins from our land at their right point of maturity.
  • It contains 80 g of fresh fruit for every 100 g, which allows us to take advantage of the natural sugar in the fruit, adding the right content of superior quality organic cane sugar as a supplement.
  • Lorusso · Mandarin jam
    Lorusso Mandarino Imperial
    Lorusso · Mandarin jam

    From the sunny fields of Andalusia LoRUSSo offers juicy and fragrant fruit, transformed into delicious jams that can be consumed in the traditional ways (breakfasts, desserts, snacks, etc.), as well as in many more creative ways.

    We select the best fruits and handle them with love and care, obtaining 80% fruit delicatessen jams, of exquisite quality, high nutritional value and with extraordinary flavor and aromas.

    You can name them whatever you like: artisan jams, delicatessen jams, gourmet jams, gourmet jams, delicatessen jams… All of them are LoRUSSo, handcrafted in an artisanal way, free of colorings and preservatives.